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Summer "Break" is Here!

So summer break is here.  I like to use the first few weeks after school ends to decompress.  I do all the things I couldn't do when school was in.  I sleep later, eat an actual breakfast where I can sit down, read just for the fun of it, sip on a big cup of coffee, and maybe, just maybe, I stay in my pajamas ALL day!  Ok that last part doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's great!  I need those couple of weeks to clear my head and get ready for the next year to come.
     Ok so now that I've decompressed and cleared my head I'm ready!  This year I did a lot of "new" things.  I used a new math curriculum, started math rotations,  introduced  math groups which functioned the same as literacy groups, and transformed my classroom into an alternative learning environment for my students.  It was a year full of firsts.  Because of these 'firsts' I have much to reflect on.  There are many things I fell in love with about my classroom and…