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What's Your Comfort Zone?

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a whole month with my twin sister, Lisa.  This is the most time we have been able to spend together since she left me 6 years ago to move 10 HOURS away!  (Can you tell I didn't handle this move well?)  She and her children spent several weeks here at my home and then my family stayed a week with her at her home.  This last part required my family to pack up and make the ten hour drive to her home in lower Alabama.

Now, I was super excited about this trip because my sister's house is within an hour and half from the beach!  Yay, beach time!  However, my reaction to this vacation and my husband's reaction were completely different.  Let me explain...
Me:   Yay vacation, beach time, traveling, seeing new sites, woohoo ROAD TRIP! Jack:  ugh vacation, loading the car, driving places I'm not familiar, going to places I'm not familiar, ughhhh road trip!

    As you can see I'm much more comfortable with trying new things, goi…