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A Promise...

Here we go, the preparation is beginning. Educators are sitting in professional development classes, learning new strategies, and making plans.  We are connecting with our PLNs and participating in our favorite chats, all for the main goal of preparing ourselves to provide a meaningful, innovative educational experience for our students.
     Soon we will be given our student lists and we will pour over them to see who we will spend the next nine months with. For me, getting a student list handed to me is like getting a great new book!  I'm filled with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety.  Yes, anxiety at the idea that these children are coming to me filled with the same feelings; excitement, anticipation, and anxiety.  It is my job to put them at ease, think of their feelings and goals as I plan for them. As I turn each page, I digest the information, thoughts swirling as I take in the words.  I will plan for them...encourage them, support them, and for
some of them I will…