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Schoolhouse Goals

We all have goals. I have personal goals and I have schoolhouse goals. Goals drive us, motivate us, and keep us moving forward. We model goal setting for our students and therefore it's important to share some of our goals with them. They need to see us working towards them. Better yet, they need to see us go through the struggle, the ups and downs of trying to reach our goals.

Goals are like the light at the end of a tunnel that you can see clearly during parts of the journey and not at all at other times. I have to remind myself that a goal is a challenge, an end result that will make me, my kids, or my schoolhouse better. The struggle that we go through to reach our goals is empowering and builds character. It fosters a growth mindset and instills a determination in our hearts. I want my students to know that through hard work they can accomplish their goals, modify them, and set new goals.

My schoolhouse goals are both simple and complicated. Simple in the idea that they are g…