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What Connected Educators Do

I woke up this morning, made my coffee, and began my journey out to my front porch swing. As I sat there, I began my morning routine. It starts with a stroll through Twitter. Many minutes are spent reflecting on the plan for the day. A check list starts to form in my head of things to do and people to talk to. During this time I reflect on conversations, things I've recently read, Twitter chats, and so on. Today I am reflecting on relationships. The power of being connected. My mind naturally goes to this place because a new school year is just around the bend. 
I'm a connected educator. I can call myself that because I make a point to connect with other educators. That is what being a connected educator means...right?
Yes and no. 
Connecting with other educators is crucial to our growth and our abilities to maintain best practices for our students. However, this morning I am reflecting on the question...
What do connected educators do?  
Where do I begin? I mean there is the …